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The Saab Club of Finland

Saab has always been a leader and pioneer in new technology. This is also true of the Saab Club of Finland. At an early stage we got our homepage established and running. For a long time now, it has been "the net forum" for Finnish speaking Saab enthusiasts.

However, with almost 4000 members, the club has very much a life outside this forum. Actually, the meetings arranged by the Saab Club of Finland are well frequented by Saab enthusiasts and in most cases their families. This is the way it has been since 1991 when the club got officially organized. We welcome owners of all kinds of Saab models and ages to join the club. Of course there are different groups and different interests. But, whether it is 2-strokers, rally or turbo and tuning, the make is Saab. And the club even welcomes people to join without a Saab. And many of them have been helped to find one.

Apart from the yearly reoccurring national meetings, there are many local meetings arranged in different places in Finland by enthusiasts - so called local "tyre kicking meetings". Some of them are very popular and attract visiting Saabists from much further away. All of these local "congregations" thrive under the umbrella of the national Saab club. These local groups have often undertaken the job and responsibility to plan and arrange national winter and summer meetings at different locations in cooperation with the Saab Club of Finland.

The one thing every member is looking forward to is the SAABISTI club magazine. The looks of the magazine is stunningly elegant and the contents is interesting and informative. SAABISTI is published four times a year and is mailed to all members of the club.

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The International Saab Club Meet 2011

Saab Club of Finland celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011 and invited Saab enthusiasts from all over the world to join the celebration in Finland on August 5 – 7 2011.

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